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2002 VFR ABS Rear Shock Replacement


Fellow riders,
I'm looking for some input from anyone who has experianced first hand the task of pulling and replacing the REAR shock on a 2002 Honda VFR, or newer model prior to the redesign.  I have done some surfing on other forums and getting mixed feedback.  Some basicaly state removal of the entire rear swingarm to accomplish the task. 
I am also curious if anyone has confirmed a suitable replacement for this rear shock.  I have had the fronts done by Race Tech and could send them off but have also heard that a stock CBR F4i rear will work.  So, again I'm looking for a VFR owner that has gone down this road.
Appreciate any input or direction to links that can help me out here.

In my opinion, the best info on your options is over at the VFR Discussion site.  The CBR F4i has been used.  Daugherty Motorsports can set up with a rebuilt shock using your current shock, or a CBR929 shock.  Then there are the high dollar options from Penske and Ohlins.

It's an earlier model 1998 VFR but here's some input

To remove the stock shock the swing arm or rear sub-frame did not have to be removed.
It was however necessary to remove the rear sub-frame to get the new Penske reservoir mounted under the seat.
In either case it was not necessary to remove the swing arm.

If you want quality suspension I'd recommend an Ohlins or Penske.
They are much higher quality than any other OEM shock.


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