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Mounting Stebel horn

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Several  months ago I purchased a dual-tone Stebel.  The skin on my bike is tight so I knew that separating the two sections (horn and compressor) was necessary.  I did get them apart without damage and mounted the compressor just in front of the fairing pocket while the horn was mounted low and behind the fairing.  The compressor's air outlet plugs into a receptacle in the horn unit so I made a flanged, aluminum fitting and epoxy'd it in place on the horn, then connected the two units with 1/4" i.d. vinyl hose.  It's powered via its own relay so it has more than enough power and is LOUD!


Good idea!  I have one for my bike as well, it was on the bike when I bought it, but I had never been happy about the way it was mounted, and last year it came lose.  I took it completely off and have been trying to figure out how to remount it in a better way.  I never thought about seperating the two parts and mounting them individually.  I'll have to take a look at that and see if it will work for me.

What kind of bike did you mount it on?

They are definetly LOUD!   :)


The compressor has an integral mounting lug that I used but you could easily create a mount by using two automotive hose clamps that secure a 90-degree bracket to the compressor.  One thing to keep in mind is Stebel's recommendation to keep the compressor vertical, or off vertical by no more 20-degrees.  Conversely, the horn can be mounted in any position but ideally so the output horns are not subject to rain water being forced in. 


ps.  there is a hole near the top of the compressor and it should be kept clear since it's the air intake for the piston.

It's mounted on my Honda NT700V which has a very tight partial skin.  By comparison, my PC800 had full body work but much easier to work on because there was actually room to mount stuff under the plastic.


4 years ago I installed a Stebel horn on my 2007 Ducati 1098 after hearing how loud it was.  I connected it direct to the battery.

The good? I LOVED the volume and how it got everyone's attention.

The not so good?  During a high speed, full throttle pass (aren't they all) the car I was passing drifted slightly out of its lane.  I nailed the horn button and the bike stuttered severely and lost a chunk of acceleration.  After completing the pass I tested combinations of throttle and horn.  On this bike (and maybe others?) the combined current draw of the bike electronics at or near full throttle plus the horn appeared to cause some electronic issue with the CPU.  I checked and rechecked all the wiring and didn't find any issues.  I disconnected the Stebel from the battery and reinstalled the stock horn and repeated the throttle-horn tests - as expected it worked perfectly.  I can only conclude the current draw required to spin up the compressor was more than the Ducati could handle during large throttle openings.

I now ride a 2009 1198S and still have the Stebel horn in a box.


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