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Mounting Stebel horn

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Did you have the horn mounted near the bike's ECU or wires going to the ECU?  If I'm not mistaken the compressor is just a large electromagnet so it could effect some nearby electronic components. 

Motorcycle Consumer News had a horn comparison in their latest issue and the Stebel didn't fare well because of its size, which made installation more difficult.  They showed the Stebel pulling around 8 Amps.   

MCN recommended using dual Fiamms which I had for a long time but my installation location kept burning out the right horn because of moisture getting into the horn so I went to the Stebel mounted on the left side. 


I don't think distance to the CPU was the issue - the compressor was mounted on the right side of the bike and right beside the horizontal cylinder while the CPU is on the other side of the bike and shielded by the engine.

I didn't do extensive testing but the stuttering only happened during moderate to aggressive acceleration while using the horn.  Constant speed or mild acceleration didn't appear to have any effect.  I vaguely recall someone else reporting the same thing but can't find it online.

If it wasn't such a PITA to reinstall and then possibly end up with the same problem I'd do it all over again since the loud horn absolutely got attention when required.

The problem with the Stebel horn occurs all the time on most bikes with CAN Bus technology. Whether wired up direct to the battery or otherwise. You really notice it under hard acceleration, but I have experienced it under all conditions on my 1098.
At 8 amps - (it's fused for 20 I believe), the system sees too large a draw and the result is an interruption to the bikes electronics. I haven't tried it, but it's possible that if you held the horn on long enough, the bike would eventually stall out.
Unlike Leaner, I didn't remove mine. A slight interruption is not a big issue to me as long as I am aware it will happen. Most cars don't even hear a normal bike horn - so the answer to a car wandering into my lane lies in my right wrist.  ;D

I like mine. It has saved me several times. I had to build a mount for my Versys


--- Quote from: DirtFlier on March 15, 2014, 04:12:55 pm ---Motorcycle Consumer News had a horn comparison in their latest issue .... They showed the Stebel pulling around 8 Amps.
--- End quote ---

Slight correction, 18 amps .

I too separated the Stebel into two pieces connected by a hose on my Concours 14. There is a slight delay in sound as it spins
up which is more noticeable if you pair it with an instantaneous horn like I did, a low tone Fiamm freeway blaster (about 4+ amps IIRC).

The Stebel Nautilus is a loud horn, however some of the write ups are a little too generous. I'll admit that I have not ever heard two Stebels activated
at the same time, but I have doubts about them sounding like
--- Quote from: Moshe K Levy's Install Article --- ...sounds very much like a semi truck's horn on steroids!
--- End quote ---
I think that "an angry driver in a large Mercedes " would be more accurate.

From my experience, the article in MCN seems pretty much right on the money. (links may break with time passage)


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