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From JoAnna's post on Facebook:

Oh, my heart is breaking! I woke to someone knocking and a light shining in my window. Then knocking at the front was the Sherrif's department to tell me to call the hospital. I was pretty sure I knew why and I was right. My beloved Ken "slipped away" about 1:00 am. I knew it was coming but this was much too soon! He was supposed to go to Hospice today and I could stay in the room with him.. so sorry we didn't make that, my Love.  But I am glad you can breathe now and are not in pain. R. I. P. Ken You were a wonderful husband and friend. We had so many great times together-- especially on the motorcycles. Ride on!

Very sorry to here this news.  Ken was always a big part of the MSTA and will be missed by all.  Condolences to JoAnna and the family.

I read this this morning and have felt a heavy pit in my stomach ever since. Ken and JoAnna were a big part of the HSTA/MSTA for a long time! God Speed Ken!

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I am in shock to read this sad sad sad news.  Ken was the person that was responsible for Denise and I volunteering for the Dan Clark Safety Program.  We talked to him and JoAnna many times in Jan-March, 2016.  His phone calls were always so convincing that we should be the coordinators, and we are so thankful that he convinced us to volunteer.  I have to admit, it did take some convincing at first, but when he told us why there was a safety program, and that it was named after a fellow member, we knew we were doing the 'right' thing by volunteering to be the coordinators.

I don't know how long they were the Dan Clark Safety Program Coordinators, but MSTA had some very dedicated volunteers with Ken and JoAnna.  Ken will be greatly missed by everyone.

We are very grateful for all the help he gave us in the first few months of volunteering for the position.

Ken as the coordinator will be a hard act to follow, but we will try to make him proud.


RIP Ken and my condolences to Joanna and family. I don't believe I ever met Ken, but in my book anyone who has volunteered for a MSTA position, held it for a time, and is well spoken of by fellow members has to be a good person. Godspeed Ken, may you rest easy.


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