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From local TV news.
AMHERST CO., Va. (WFXR)- A motorcyclist is dead after a crash involving a deer on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
The National Park Service said it happened on Thursday, October 24, 2019, at approximately 3:00 p.m.
The motorcyclist was identified as Gary Allen Weade, age 70, of Lexington, Virginia.  Local Deputies and Law Enforcement Rangers said he was dead when they arrived on scene.
No additional details were released.

Very sorry to hear.  Met Gary at the very first HSTA event I attended.  He was a nice guy.

Tom S:
Very sad.  Gary and I used to talk by phone at least once a year.  He would call me from time to time and ask if I was going to MSTA events.  He had planned to attend STAR this year but he said finances kept him at home.  The first time I met Gary was my first STAR in West Virginia in the 90's. We had a pretty big crowd from Memphis come led by Phillip Donovan.  Keith Huckabey and I were looking to hook up with resident fast guys, so Vic Norton suggested we find the Indiana(?) Bomb Squad led by Gary Weade.  We did, and we were not disappointed.  We even inspired Vic to join in on the fun on his ST1100.
We will miss Gary here on planet Earth.  But, I'm sure that he and Keith will get together for some Heavenly rides!

Gary was a super terrific individual. He never failed to look me up at various events to chat and he always brought smiles and laughter with him too.
Since learning of this tragedy, many other memories of Gary have surfaced and resurfaced in my mind. I still haven't been able to wrap my head around acknowledging this horrific news.
I know that I haven't been able to attend many of the events in recent years, but I am going to miss my dear buddy and friend from Rockbridge Baths, Virginia.
I do find comfort and knowing that he was doing something that he loved to do and was in one of the prettiest places on Earth. May he rest in peace.

It’s been a rough couple of years in regards to losing many longtime members.  :( .  They are all missed and Gary will be no less than any of the others.  May he Rest In Peace and may his family find comfort in the knowledge that he was very much liked by all that knew him.


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