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An email received with some very sad news.....Dan was a good friend to so many here in the MSTA, a real asset to the club, and a wonderful member.  On a personal level, he was one of the people that I really turned to for advice and really enjoyed working with and talking with.  I already miss him. Man, I hate getting news like this, and even more I hate having to pass it on because I know many other will be saddened too.......

“I'm writing to share a bit of not so great news with you.. I just got word from his family that Dan Igoe passed away on April 15. He and I both live in Columbus and were friends and good riding buddies.

I knew he was having some health issues but when we last spoke he sounded positive and upbeat so I figured he was getting better. Naturally I'm still reeling.

I know he did a lot of writing and maybe even helped with legal stuff for MSTA so I'm suspecting it's something that you will want to announced / memorialize.

His daughter told me that there will be an obituary coming soon and that services will be held TBD. I'll share that info with you when I get it.

Again, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Take care and talk soon.

Myke Welch”

Very sad to hear of Dan's passing. I met him at a couple of events and had some great conversations with him. I will miss him. Condolences to friends and family.

Prior to the Raffle envelope stuffing party at my place in February, Dan had sent me a check from Florida where he was spending the winter. The money was to help cover expenses of hosting the meeting. I didn't really need to have the expenses covered but that was very thoughtful way for him to participate since he couldn't make the trip.
That's the kinda guy Dan was.
With Dan's approval I sent the money to The Freestore Foodbank here in Cincinnati. He was all for it.
Rest in Peace our friend and Godspeed.   TM

Very sad news. Dan and I lived in Columbus, when ever we saw each other we would tell lies about events in and around about "Cow Town." Very smart and always on top of things. We had a couple of breakfasts together in La Crosse. That was the last time we spoke face to face.

Wow this sucks, I didn't know Dan that well but had met him at STAR in LaCrosse when he left a note on my 2014 VFR looking for feedback. We talked later at the hotel and several times at events since then.

RIP  Dan.

Here is an obituary I found online!/Obituary

Hmm, didn't realize we shared a birthplace, Gary Indiana.


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