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Hi from Wild Rose!  I am listed in the member catalog as still living in Waukesha, but I've lived here for a couple of years!  I ride a 1993 Honda ST1100 and am a member of STOC and AMA.

This May I hope to replace my old 28 amp generator with the 40 amp that was on later models.  A group of us from STOC have a Tech get together, so over two days we'll be taking apart my bike and making the swap.

Welcome cheesehead.

I was at Milwaukee Street Traders in Delafield this morning with friends for coffee.

If your looking to meet some riders in the area Check out region 4 for Sunday coffee meets.


Broken link?? Nothing there.

Welcome aboard, Kent.
I've seen your name pop up a few times over on the ST forum.
You'll see me there on the coffee club from time to time.
Hope to see you at STAR. -JEP-


--- Quote from: JoeDuc on April 28, 2014, 10:27:54 PM ---""

Broken link?? Nothing there.

--- End quote ---
Not sure where you're getting that link or what it has to do with the MSTA forum or web site.
Our home page is (without the dash) takes me to Aerostitch home page. There is also and none of which are tied to MSTA. Nor am I endorsing or recommending them or their products (end disclaimer).


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