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This board also works in ListServ format


This board also works in ListServ format. What this means is you can receive posts as emails and reply to the emails, which will post your reply back to this board. Some set-up on your end is required, but it is easy!

First, you must register an account on the forum, be sure to use the email address that you will be using to receive and reply to the board emails.

Now, go to the General Discussion board, find the notify button and click on it.

That's it, you will now receive an email any time the is a post made to the Ohio board that you can reply to via email.

You can start a new topic by sending an email to


I did set this option up in my profile and it works really nice.

Nice!  Hopefully this option will generate more traffic and communication among the community!

Is that really just the Ohio board we are subscribing to or the whole MSTA forum?

Each board has it's own notify button. So, if you check the notify button within the Ohio board, you will receive email notifications of posts made only in the Ohio board. Check as many or as few boards as you like. The difference with the Ohio board is you can start a topic via email by sending an email to The General Discussion board works this way as well by sending and email to Others will be added as time permits and usage indicates it is needed.


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