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Is the second amendment out of bounds?

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I know it says keep your politics and your religion to yourself.... But I do not see the second amendment as politics or religion even though it has been used by both......

Just something to think about in light of a legal permit to carry holder just being raided for ;
apparently the nieghbors didn't like the fact that he carried and on occassion they could see him in his own home through the window with his holstered weapon and apparently he looked at them wrong.

So pre dawn raid and confiscate all his weapons.
No due process
No hearing
No investigation
Not charged with any crimes, not even taken into custody or questioned

just solely on the word of a couple sissy whiny neighbors, to goon squad kicked in the door and took it all

This just wreaks of the stupid that this country is becoming at the hands of ........... well we all know at the hands of whom!

OK, I'll bite. This coming from a non-gun person, I think that was a stupid knee jerk reaction by the neighbors. Couldn't tell all the details from that post but seems out of line to me. But then, many LEO's do nothing about the nut case with a huge stash of weapons, drug dealers with arsenals 'cause that might be dangerous.
I question many things that go on in our society that are quite contradictory.


When it comes to enforcement of the law, it depends on where you are, whether or not it's guns or if your dog runs loose or is fenced in.

A good lawyer should make both the police and the neighbors rethink the event you described.

I have owned and used guns all my life.  It seems that common sense can NOT be applied to the topic. What my current observation on this topic is the Democrats are wrong, the Republicans are wrong, and the NRA is wrong.  That is they all want to serve there own agenda.  To that end I would recommend shutting this topic down because even if we do discuss the topic rationally, which I doubt that we can, no will ever do anything to make everyone happy.

They say bad publicity is better than no publicity, I'm not sure that would apply to forum traffic or not. I guess if we can't get many members to log on and talk (type) about motorcycles maybe we should talk (and probably argue) about the second amendment, heck maybe we should talk about the other 9 in the bill of rights or even all 27 ratified amendments. Just to get this forum fired up.  :)...or maybe  >:( gets more of a response.

Now before this thread does get shut down, I'd like to see a link to this story from another (news) source rather than just a retelling of it from a post. I've done some searching but I haven't been able to find that exact story (this is where this thread turns to talking about the news media and fake news?) Found a gun confiscation story with no arrests but nothing about neighbors or wrongful looks.

Anyone, got some links?

While we are waiting for that...... now for something totally different: What's the best oil to use in my motorcycles and should I send the used oil to a lab for analysis?

Well I guess we can't talk about this.....

Well atleast not without getting a warning............

So I guess I will simply leave the topic with this:

Guns do not kill people, stupid idiotic criminals kill people.........

No new law will ever stop those criminals from being criminals and they will not keep them from getting weapons either, nor will they ever make any dent in violence against people


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