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STAR 2017?


Anyone from the Las Vegas valley planning to attend? I am.  ;D

Wrong valley for me...I'm in the Tennessee Valley in eastern Tennessee (Knoxville). But come on over to "the Springs". I'm planning on taking 5 days to meander from home to Colorado, but I know I'll have friends to ride with once I get there. And if by some chance I don't have someone to ride with on a given day, I'll ask someone if I can come along...and I'll be welcomed with open arms. I've made several new friends by doing that.


--- Quote from: 4kless on May 08, 2017, 05:42:52 PM ---Anyone from the Las Vegas valley planning to attend? I am.  ;D

--- End quote ---

I see you're on an FJR. There's a number of us at STAR. If you're new to the party, look me up. I'll be in the lobby late Sunday afternoon loading route files into GPS's for attendees.

Norm Kern
'14 FJR ES from OH

Not my first STAR, so I've met Geoffrey at check-in and chatted with Norm at the final TWiSTAR. I relocated to Nevada from MN earlier this year and was just curious what other MSTA folks might be in the blue book is in a box somewhere. Thanks for the response; see you in a few weeks.


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