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I presume that Falco Fred was not a full MSTA Member on this site, but is now (I see that under their name). Maybe he's got what he needs now.

As for the Facebook groups, that's a good way to contact some members, but not everybody is on FB and some who are fit the "hardly use it" group, and I believe Woovis falls into one of those 2 categories.

Heck I've noticed over the last 5 years that some people rarely check (or respond) to emails, but a text or phone call is more likely to work (if they recognize your number or explain who you are).

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I am and have been a full MSTA member since 1987. My first STAR was at the Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground. Back then HSTA members were young enough to sleep in tents on the ground. I'm old, but still tent several times a season.
I'm do not frequent this forum often, and I didn't realize that I had to ask permission to become a 'Full' member and get access to the Blue Book.

I don't use FB

I agree that most people only answer phone calls from recognized numbers. That is why I texted Woovis when someone provided me his number. Woovis is looking for a cabin for he, his Wife and dog.

I'm still looking for anyone who wants to split a room.

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Perhaps giving you real name might be helpful. LOL.

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He did that, several posts ago (on page 1), its also in his profile, if you click on it you'll see it.

The forum just requires member to request member access in order to get to the members only area where things like the Blue Book and GPS routes are posted and intended only for paying members.

PS  I know I can be a bit testy at times, but I'm seeing it from people here that don't normally exhibit that behavior. I think this past year plus has worn on us all, and we need to get out and ride, attend an event and remember why we're members of this fantastic club. Look forward to seeing many of you in about a month at Canaan Valley


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