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Holy Mother of Door Prizes!
Aerostich has just delivered the following to my door.

* Competition silk scarf in white $34 retail
* Competition silk scarf in black $34 retail
* Aero Compact Tire Repair Kit with Compressor $85 retail
* Gift Certificate for the BRAND NEW R-3 One Piece Suit $1,067 retail!This is an amazing donation from Andy Goldfine of Aerostich. I guess Andy supports those who support Aerostich. I can't think of a group who is more safety oriented and wears more Aerostich then the MSTA. I'm personally on my third Road Crafter in 24 years. For any of you who are not wearing Aerostich yet, or just want to check out the latest offering from Aerostich you can view the suits and all their quality motorcycle apparel and gear at

Awesome prizes this year! Thanks to all of our supporters.

Today we received door prize donations from two more supporters of the MSTA
1.       Long time MSTA Member and supporter Randy Logan of Logan Magic Shoe Repair has donated two $20 gift certificates toward repair of motorcycle boots. Randy’s shop is located at 3635 Western Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37921 (865) 525-2616
The name “Magic Shoe Repair” is accurate, Randy is a magician when it comes to boot repair.
2.      Sargent Cycle Products has donated two 50% off discount coupons towards any of their World Sport Products or Custom Seat Services, plus enough 10% off discount + FREE SHIPPING coupons that everyone should receive one in their registration packet. All of Sargent’s products can be viewed at

Today I received donations from a new supporter of the MSTA.
Chad Adam of Helmet Butler has graciously donated one Helmet Butler and a Vision Care System.
Helmet Butler is a start up company run by Chad and his Brother and could really use some support from the MSTA and Motorcycling community.  The helmet Butler and the Vision Care System can be viewed at Please visit the Helmet Butler site and spread the word to support these two generous motorcycling entrepreneurs 

Today we received a donation of Two Bike Logs from long time MSTA Supporter Ron Baroody.
These handy logs are great for recording things like maintenance, ownership info, bike specifications, modifications, recalls, etc.
Keeping all the records on a bike really comes in handy when you go to sell or trade a bike.
These can be viewed at


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