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Need to keep those wives under better control!

Norm Kern


--- Quote from: brider on June 14, 2016, 06:11:38 AM ---Scored a inexpensive room and then my room mate's wife pulled the plug on his trip so now I have a extra bed if someone needs a room checking in Sunday.  Contact me direct @ 937-672-6357.

--- End quote ---
It sounds like you needed a room, got one and a roomie OR got a roomie that had a room, and now you're back to needing a roomie again. Whew!

I was going to ride a Suzuki DR650S to STAR and worked off and on to get it ready to go. I changed my plans and decided to ride my BMW F650GS (thumper) when my post-STAR plans changed and worked to get it ready to go including a new set of tires. That's when my good friend Roger White discovered, when mounting the tires, that the swingarm bushings (or something) are toast. There's WAY too much play in the swingarm to be leaving on a long trip. Now I'm back to the DR650S.

Life gets complicated doesn't it?

Geoffrey, it's really nice to have a good spare bike in the garage, isn't it?

---  Don


--- Quote from: donmoe on June 14, 2016, 12:44:57 PM ---Geoffrey, it's really nice to have a good spare bike in the garage, isn't it?

---  Don

--- End quote ---
It certainly is...until it's time to pay my vehicle insurance.

Here's hoping that brider has as much luck in finding an alternative room mate as I did in having an alternative bike.

Surprising the room was very inexpensive so if I don't its not a big deal. 


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