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Weeekend ride with one night of camping

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A two day camping trip trimmed down to one.  But scouted some future camp sites while we were out.  First night we had 60+ mph gusts (according to buddy's little handheld weather thing).  Don't know how we didn't get blown off the mountain.  I guess my tent stakes work pretty well.  One of my aluminum tent poles now has a permanent slight bend to one of the sections.  No sleep and it wore us slap out.  A combanation of high winds low temps, no sleep, and being at 8700 feet (we live at sea level) just sucked the life out of us. 
The start of 20 miles of dirt to get to Anza.  There was another 12 miles after Anza to get to the camp site.

My buddy Paul finishing up his tent setup.  It's a good thing we staked and guyed every spot on the tents.

Good overlook spot about 50 yards across the hill from camp.

Time for a quick nap

Yesterday heading back in the general direction of the house.  Picked up a sweet new curb feeler

Another one of my buddy paul over looking what I believe is the Anza Valley from the east side of Palomar Mountain.

Here's today's.  Rode up into the mtns for a sandwich and beer. 
These trees freak me out.  Apparently woodpeckers drill the holes to get bugs then squirrels use the holes to store acorns for the winter.  Who knows.  I do know I imagine spiders and **** living in them and coming to kill me haha.

The "Restaurant"

The table

Possible future camp site scouted.

Nom Nom

Well ****........guess my skid plate is done for.  I've beat it back straight at every oil change but the rear mount has started to rip at the bolt holes and now the front part of the plate has bends where it shouldn't.

One of my regular use camp sites.  Just scouting it out for a friend that was on his way up as I was doing this short ride.

Glamor shot

Nice "Glamour shot". Very artistic.

Nice report!

Looks like a nice weekend.
Thanks for sharing! -JEP-

Great report Downs!
I'd love to know more about your bike. I'm trying to figure out what it is. And do tell about the paint.

Let's Ride!


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