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--- Quote from: RichGrab on July 01, 2016, 08:36:58 AM ---Thanks all. I'm so happy I still can't put it into words. Fun works for now.

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congrats Rich never have I seen a guy so happy almost made me cry...which I would've done if I won the bike :)

I hope you guys all know it means a lot for Richard to hear this from so many people, many of whom he doesn't know all that well. He's my brother so of course I think he's a great guy, but hearing it from all of you is very different.

4th of July night we were at our motel in Rutland talking to another one of our brothers (yes we have several more) about winning the bike. Richard said all the emotion was coming back to him at that time. I joked that night "put the BMW key next to your phone in case you wake up and think it may have only been a dream".

Said it on other posts but so glad Richard won! And I see how happy you are too Steve. You are a good brother! Ride safe guys and Rich enjoy the new ride. -JEP-

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Chris and I are still on our after STAR ride. Yesterday we rode Cabot Trail counter clockwise and it was beautiful! Today we came back into the US of A at St Steven into Maine and we passed Jim and Dianne Park heading into Canada.

Let's Ride!

We found a fantastic local ice cream store in Charlestown, NH.  They make their own ice cream and cones.  Wonderful people working there.  So good we went back there on Wednesday after lunch in Mass. I think I had ice cream almost everyday of this trip.... :)


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