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Bags & liners for BMW F800 GT

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Greetings one and all. I won the 2016 MSTA Raffle Bike at STAR in VT and am loving it. I've always lived on a shoestring budget and prices new for bags and liners are big $$$. So, if anyone knows of someone selling a set of bags or liners let me know. I read somewhere (gotta research again) that bags from some other models of BMW are interchangeable to the F800. If / when I find this information again, I'll post an update here. Bags from previous years of the same model likely to fit right on too. Thanks for any help. 8)

Kathy's..... Bob's BMW has them.
Good bags, cheaper.

I have no idea if the bags are the same but I have a friend here in Western NC who has crashed a K1200 I think a 2008. I just sent him a note to see if the right bag is available. I know he posted that the left hand bag was toast!

I'll let you know what I hear back.

Rich - you'll soon discover that BMW being short for Break-My-Wallet isn't too far off base. :-)

Break My Wallet ....or....Bring More Wampum!....or...Big Money Waster!   

Funny, but I really enjoyed my '09 GS...not any real problems with it in 55k miles.
I liked it enough that I traded it in on a '15 R1200GSA, and didnt really consider other brands.  Of course it helps that i have a great dealer just 2 miles from my house.

As for bags, I believe that RKA also makes liners for BMWs.


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