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POI Factory and other useful GPS links

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Some very useful information!

Thanks guys for sharing!

If anyone else knows of some great online GPS resources feel free to add a link to this thread.
Here is one more that I am finding a big help: map theme maker and editor lets you change the color and width used to display the  various road types as well as routes, tracks and other objects in Zumos and apparently some Nuvis. The small twisty rural roads we like barely show in the default Garmin theme, with this tool you can fix that. And for years I thought City Nav did not "know" which roads are unpaved. I've set unpaved roads to display bright brown and now many are showing up.

Free program but you have to register to get it to work, check it out.

 Here is a good place to get your GPS repaired ,   I had them repair and update mine ,

Good to know, thanks for sharing. -JEP-

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