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Nu kid on the block (NuViz)

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Well, there's a new kid on the block for M/C GPS, comm, music, etc.


At $699, priced right there as a Zumo 590/595.  First units ship in July (allegedly)

I surely won't be the first to jump - and info looks a little slim right now, but the idea of a HUD (Head Up Display) right out there in front of me, and no connection whatsoever to the bike, makes me want to know more.  As everything is new, the camera and its software, the music player, the GPS, and of course, the optics, there's going to be a lot to debug and optimize.  Not that the M/C GPS speciality units available now are all that good, nor have they advanced much in the past 10 years, but there are minimal functions NuViz will have to get correct right out of the box (i.e., Tracks, Routing, and something that is not so cartoonish as what we've been fed for so long, and PLEASE don't tell me the "up ahead" gas station is behind me...).

Maybe one of you Lotto winners out there could get one and do a thorough writeup on it.  Maybe we'll have to wait for web Bike World.

From the website:


NUVIZ is the first fully-integrated Head-Up Display (HUD) designed specifically for the needs of motorcycle riders. It displays customizable information in the rider’s natural line of sight and features an intuitive eyes-on-the-road handlebar controller and built-in HD action camera.
NUVIZ brings together all of the important functions of your navigation, communication and media devices into a single device, allowing riders to stay connected, but not distracted. NUVIZ includes an HD camera that shoots stills and video, and can be updated as new features become available in the future.
In order to take NUVIZ device into use you need either Android device with Android OS 4.4.2/KitKat (or newer) or iPhone/iPad with iOS 10.2 (or newer). More information on supported products can be found from


Since an android or Apple device is needed, does that also mean that internet access must be available at the same time?  Lots of time I am riding in areas where I don't have cell service, let alone internet.  Interesting.

I have one.  It's essentially it's own Android device.
You download the maps to the unit and then don't need your phone during the ride unless you want music etc.

That's pretty cool.
One problem, as I understand it, is it uses you cell GPS nav to get you from point A to point B which will be the most efficient route. I rarely want the most efficient when on my bike but rather a twisty fun route which I can set on my Garmin.....that's why I use Garmin instead of my cell phone nav.
Other than that the other features seem awesome.
I agree, I look forward to the M/C magazine reviews. -JEP-


--- Quote from: RIDEMYST on July 26, 2019, 04:14:25 PM ---
One problem...  ...I rarely want the most efficient when on my bike,  but rather a twisty fun route which I can not get because I live in Florida.

--- End quote ---

Fixed it for you!   😁


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