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New Eastern Maryland MSTA member - Is anybody else out here?


Hey fellow Maryland MSTA members (are there any?)

Just moved to the Havre de Grace area June 1 from northeast OH. Finally settling in to where I'm ready to do some exploring of these good looking roads down here.
Any one out there who would like to show me around? An hour, an afternoon/morning, a day, an overnighter?
Route suggestions?

Feel free to PM or give me a call: 410-688-4768

See you on the road, I hope!
Dale Hall

Good luck Dale. I'm not positive, but think Wade Graham lives up that way in the great North East US. Hope you can find someone to ride with. There are a few members in Maryland (about 10) but most of them are south and east of greater Baltimore. Looks like nearly 70 miles to closest. Time to get out ride and look for people - or maybe just call some members (again, see blue book) and see if they want to meet up and ride. Good luck again, and enjoy the ride.


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