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I've used Garmin products for years. I currently own 5. However, as of today, I won't be buying any more. I purchased a GPSMAP 64S about a year ago and registered the City Navigator NT2015 maps I bought with it on I installed Basecamp (along with existing Mapsource) and registered/unlocked the maps on my old XP machine. But now I've upgraded to a newer computer - one actually built during this century and Garmin support tells me I cannot register/unlock the maps I paid for on this new machine. Their suggestion was to continue using the XP machine (yeah right) with the 64S or purchase an updated map set. That's not gonna happen. I've been successfully using OSM (free) maps on the 64 from time to time - looks like that's going to become my new standard. It's a shame because I love how the 64S works but I truly hate Garmin's policies.

Your mileage may vary but IMO, Garmin's future is doomed because of their onerous and burdensome licensing requirements and because excellent and constantly improving smartphone-based mapping software and free maps from OSM, Google and other sources will simply dry up that revenue stream for them. I like OSMAND on my Android - it works amazingly well but I also liked having a discreet, rugged, dedicated GPS. Oh well, when they fold up (just like Eastman Kodak who couldn't bring themselves to move on from film-based photography), I say good riddance.

I hate to hear Garmin's customer service has somehow taken a turn for the worse. I'd have never believed that possible.

I am in total agreement with you on Garmin.  Their first line of support has been in a power dive for several years.  There was a time when you could talk to people who actually knew how things worked, but those days are gone.  Right now they only units that you can trust to work with BT are Zumo's and they are significantly overpriced.

Just a suggestion, and there are significant limitations to what I'm about to say.  Make your routes in the latest Base Camp version you have.  Export it to gpx.  Read it into the MapSource you use with the 64.  Might work and might be worth a shot.

The marketing boys have dictated significant differences into the build of Nuvi's and Zumo's.   There is no reason for the Zumo to be double and triple the cost of Nuvi's but a Nuvi won't work right with BT to for example a Sena 20.  Lots of stuff like that to force you to buy the high priced spread.  My crystal ball says it won't be long until you will be able to do your map design on on your PC, load your routes into you cell, and pull the data directly from the cell using your Sena or whatever headphone you use.  Goodbye Garmin.

"Garmin support tells me I cannot register/unlock the maps I paid for on this new machine".  This does not sound right. You may have gotten a bad support person.  I suggest to try and use Garmin Express to install the maps to your computer.   

Hmmm... so say my old computer was stolen and I had to buy a new one. So that would mean I would have to pay all over again?!?!

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