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If you're reading this;  Maybe you would be interested in a pair of Sena 30k communicators. 

  Due to a mistake at Revzilla they sent me two sets of the 30k.  I have 30 days to return one of the sets (pair).  I paid $521 for each.  So for that price, if interested, let me know in the next few days.  Either we can met somewhere or I can mail, with shipping added, to you.  The one box, being offered is unopened.
 Thanks for your interest.
Ride safe,
Andray Hubble
Guntersville, AL
256 572-2719 cell

Put this in the classified area too.  GLWS, if I hadn’t gotten the 20S last year, I’d be in the market.

Is the battery life supposed to be less with the 30K than the 20S?

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Yes the battery life is less than the 20S. -JEP-

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