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I bought my Zumo390LM becasue it was the most reasonably priced replacement for my Nuvi 500. In other words as a motorcycle friendly  GPS. Lately I have discovered a couple of the apps. Getting on a Multistrada 950 after years on a Concours 14 I sorely missed the buit in tire pressure monitor. The 390 has a TPS app and it works great. The Garmin sendors are not cheap but reasonable since they have replaceable baterries. The Kawasaki sensors do not have replaceable batts and cost 5X as much and need a trip to the dealer to code to the bike. The app is easy to use and you can set the navigation screen dashboard to show running psi. So far I have not had the low pressure warning pop up as I have not let me pressure get that low so I can't comment on how that feature works.

The other app I just discovered is the Garmen action cam controller. I don't have the camera yet but last week on a ride with a friend who has the VIRB Elite I was able to control his camera mounted on his bike while he was riding behind me. I have a GoPro but don't use it because it is too much trouble to operate with gloves on. Have a remote for my smart phone but smartphone is not really glove friendly even with phone enabled gloves and the screen is too small anyway.

I am going to get a VIRB and use the Zumo app to control it while I watch the view on my phone with the VIRB smartphone app. I am not sure about that last bit but will report back.

I have both the Garmin tire pressure sensors and a VIRB camera. On my bike (I’m told not others) the rear tire sensor keeps losing lock and becomes a PITA. The VIRB works great and is easy to use as you are not fiddling around with the camera but just touching the icon on your GPS screen.....much safer!
I’ll email you my YouTube site so you can see an end product.
Glad to trade notes at STAR. -JEP-

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I posted the video I made on Tony Crowell using Jim Girton VIRB on Facebook. Look forward to seeing your You Tube vids. And looking forward to getting some good vids and stills during STAR.

 I was amazed at how far the GPS and camera could connect, you'd think the GPS and TPS would be able to stay connected.

I have this GoPro remote that works with mine, and I can use it with gloves OK.


--- Quote from: bcd on May 09, 2018, 09:36:55 AM ---I have this GoPro remote that works with mine, and I can use it with gloves OK.

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Id have ta give up either my GPS, phone or RD if I wanted to mount it!


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