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STAR 2018 Supporting Vendors


STAR 2018 VENDORS Look at all the great ways you can spend some money! and treat yourself at STAR! STAR 2018 SUPPORTING VENDORS We highly encourage all of our members to both visit and support our STAR 2018 Vendors.
Ready for new gloves? Need a jacket or luggage? Rode all the rubber off your tires on the way to STAR?
These are just a few of the options and solutions that our STAR Vendors will be offering to our members this year.

The EC and entire MSTA would like to thank our 2018 vendors who have made arrangements to join
us at STAR in Lacrosse, Wi. We look forward to welcoming each and every one and hope you, our vendors,
will find it to be both enjoyable and profitable.

Click on the logos to visit the vendor's website :)

Cool. Any idea on what kind of discounts may be available? Thinking about a couple different ones.


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