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STAR Attendance - 2012 - 2018

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Attendance stats for the last 7 years:


I would have never guessed that Vermont outdrew LaCrosse, or that we had more people in Colorado Springs than LaCrosse.  Not surprised that Lexington or last time in Colorado were larger than any of the other years though.  Interesting.....

For comparison purposes only.....this week the BMW MOA (the largest BMW club with some 30,000+ members) has their National in Des Moines, Iowa.  They expect somewhere north of 3,000 members to show.  The % of MSTA attending a STAR is much higher than the % of BMWMOA members attending their national event.  (And their numbers have had a steady decline over the last 5-10 years too)......don’t really know what this all means.


--- Quote from: Patmo on July 14, 2018, 05:16:58 PM ---......don’t really know what this all means.

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We're DOOMED!  :helpme:


Yes there is decline all over, but I think the National numbers this year for BMW may have a lot to do with the location? I can only imagine what would be said if
the MSTA or COG set up a National event in Des Moines IA.  "What happened, was Topeka all booked up?"  ;D


Personally I also think the attendance numbers that the MSTA produce is pretty darn impressive considering the total number of members. :clap:

Did I miss something between the top part of the stats and the summary at the bottom :)
But I read it as 273 attended in South Dakota not 173 as is stated at the bottom and in the graph.  It makes it look a whole lot better I think.

Sharp eyes to combat fat fingers!

Should be corrected now - thanks Denise!



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