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On the first day of a 2000 mile bike trip my Zumo 390 LM fell off the Conours after hitting some rough joints in a construction zone on the Natchez Trace. I somehow did not notice it fall maybe I was too busy scanning the rough road surface. We went probably 1/2 mile before I noticed it missing. We retraced are path and arrived at the poor Zumo just in time to see a car run over it. So I ordered a replacement since I had really gotten used to it and it's features paid about 475 compared to the 375 I paid two years ago. :(

Well this 390 LM is is different. The old one was recognized by Mapsource which is still myty preferred route making tool.
The new one is not recognized byMapsource at all. When connected to PC as a drive you can see the .system folder with Windows Explorer and can see and work with the map files (*.img) Looking at the file system on the ne 390 there is no .system file visible nor or the img files visible. The new Zumo IS recognized by Basecamp and Garmin Express.

The new Zumo is also not recognized by JaVaWA device manager that allows you to unlock mapsets and do many other useful things.

By the way we were able to continue our trip using my backup GPS, my old Nuvi 500. This was only the second time I have packed a back up and boy am I glad I did.

After years of refusing to use BaseCamp, I finally gave in before STAR and made my routes using that format.  Bob - I guess you're one of the longtime MapSource holdouts!   :-)


I reluctantly gave up Mapsource several years back as it was constantly crashing. Once I got it through my thick head that BaseCamp was NOT the same as Mapsource I was able to adjust and like the new software "almost" as much. -JEP-

I find Basecamp much more difficult than several other routing sources, but I also find that the more I use it, the easier it gets.

My favorite mapping software has remained my old Microsoft Street and Trips...but I’ve not yet found an easy way to get it to work with my Garmin GPS.  It is, however, a great way to make up a paper map and route sheet.

[...Once I got it through my thick head that BaseCamp was NOT the same as Mapsource I was able to adjust...]

Yeah, getting into BaseCamp requires that you leave your Mapsource hat outside before starting!  Forgetting all your Mapsource habits is tough to do - at least it was for me - but it's a requirement to learn BaseCamp. :clap:


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