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Nick is looking for a few articles for the next issue of STAReview, from members telling about the rides.  It could be about a certain route that you took to or from La Crosse or one of the routes while at La Crosse for STAR.  Maybe you rode a certain route and enjoyed the scenery or a stop that was along the route.  Does not have to be a long article, and a few photos are always nice.

His deadline for 3704 is Sep. 22, 2018.

I'll try to do one, I had a bit of a unique experience attending STAR with the purchase of a new bike in Madison Wisconsin weeks before the event, stopping at the dealer for first service on the way to STAR then breaking it in during the event and a memorable return trip through Michigan's UP.

Not as cool as winning the raffle bike and riding it home, but still quite memorable.

Steve....that would make a great article!  Please do it.


--- Quote from: Patmo on September 06, 2018, 11:46:48 AM ---Steve....that would make a great article!  Please do it.

--- End quote ---
I concur with Pat. Write it and they will come?

Dianne is doing one for the October Florida newsletter that Nick can use. And Ellen Kocher just did one for the September newsletter. -JEP-

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