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Shopping for a "travel" PC that holds up on the road.

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Hey riders!
I'm currently shopping for a small, lightweight, rugged travel PC that I can take on the road in my side case.  Before you suggest a tablet I have specific needs for specific apps so a tablet is out of the equation.  Here is my short list:
11-12" screen
USB port
HDMI port
SD Card Reader
I run primarily BaseCamp, Google Earth, GMail, Sling TV, GoPro Quik. 
I'm thinking solid state might not be a bad investment.  All constructive input is appreciated.


I'd talk to Woovis he's pretty well versed in this stuff. I recently bought an HP (larger and not solid state drive) for home use and use a tablet for travels.

More importantly, is a good protective sleeve to reduce vibrations from the road and bike.

I have a Lenovo that has the ports your looking for.  I’m not sure about the SD card reader though, I don’t think it has that.  I got it primarily to take on bike trips because it can run Basecamp, unlike my IPad or a Chromebook.   It’s lightweight and seems pretty sturdy.  I pack in with my clothes, so it has a lot of cushion around it.  Fits in my side or top boxes easily.  Bought through Amazon for a couple of hundred dollars.


All good stuff guys.  Thanks.  Looking at the Samsung Chromebook 3 and checking prices.  A beefy travel case will definitely be in order.  Still open to feedback ;)


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