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I am new to MSTA but not to sport touring.  Bought a Ducati SuperSport towards the end of the last riding season after riding a Multistrada for three years. 

Is there MSTA group rides or events in NE?





We did hold one of our STAR events in Vermont a couple of years ago,  but NE has been the one eastern US area that we have struggled to develop a presence.  I’m not sure why, as there seems to be a lot of active riders and places to ride in that area of the country.  If you have access to the downloads section of this forum you can download the member directory...the Blue Book...and look for members in your area of the country.  Perhaps if you reach out to some of them you’ll find that there is interest in getting something going.  I don’t know of any regular rides or events in that area, but I know that there have been some attempts to organize ones in eastern Pennsylvania in the past few years.  Personally, as someone that was born in upstate NY, I’d love to have another reason to return to that area for a visit.  If you are on Facebook, please search out our Facebook page if you haven’t already.  You’ll find hundreds of people that are members of the FB page, but aren’t members of the forum and aren’t listed in the Members Directory.  I’m quite sure that many of them are from your area.  If I can be of any assistance please let me know and I’ll do what I can.

Pat Mogavero
MSTA President

Don't let NE (New England) be confused with NE (Nebrasksa). LOL I've been to both and they're NOT the same. Sorry couldn't resist.
Welcome from Ohio. NE is a wonderful place to ride, hope to meet you soon.   TM

Pat and TM,

Thank you for the warm welcome.  I will indeed take your advice and look for MSTA members and see if we cannot put something together in NE.  Who at MSTA should I contact to understand the rules governing MTSA sanctioned rides/events?  Does MSTA use Meetup as a tool?  And what are the guildlines?



Event info...

Downloads > Public MSTA Documents > Event Guidelines

I don’t know if there are any state or area MSTA groups that use Meetup, but there may be.  We have this national forum and a national Facebook page.  Many of the state groups also have a state FB group page and some of them use some type of email or yahoo group list server.  Denny Drury is the National Events Coordinator and can supply you with any forms you might want to use.

The easiest way to get an event started, and the way I recommend for new events, is to just do what we call a “Just For Fun” event.  Pick a hotel/campground/lodge/etc. that you want to use, pick a date (try not to pick a date when something else is already scheduled), get a block of rooms/sites set aside for attendees to use, and then publicize it on this forum.  If you’re not a FB user, I’ll be happy to make sure the information is put there too, along with on the BMWRA website and on The Riding Obsession website run by Robin Dean.  If you want to just send out invites to people in the New England area, you can find their contact information in the Member Directory.  There’s a listing of State/Area Directors and their contact information in the Members Only section of this forum, so you can contact some of them and ask them to share the info with members in their area too. Many of the events try to organize a meal or two together and many of our larger events also provide self guided routes for attendees, but those are not mandatory things...can if you want, but nothing says you must do those things. 

If you’re not wanting to do a full on weekend “event”, try starting out with just a lunch or breakfast meetup/ ride.  Lots of our state/area groups do those on a monthly or even weekly basis and they have proven to be very popular with many of our members.  Some pick one place and always meet there, others try someplace different each time.

There’s really no guidelines to what someone MUST do, only suggestions on how someone MIGHT do it. 


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