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2020 Bike Week Lunch Ride


Tom S:
It was good to see everyone at the Bike Week Lunch Ride.  The new location was just right. Not too far from Daytona to be too far (like last year), but far enough away to have a nice ride.  Thanks again to AMSOIL Tim for another great Alligator spotting boat ride.  Like every year, we saw old friends and met a lot of new, old ones too.  ;D

Glad you guys could join us! -JEP-

Tom S:
Thanks, Jim. Sorry for the attempted hand-shakes.  The word was just getting out and I was a little slow practicing safe shakes, LOL. 
I found out first hand on a trip with some friends why it is important to keep 6’ away to prevent catching the Corona Virus. On a road trip in AR, several of us were having breakfast and there were enough of us to sit at separate tables. The other table was positioned next to the windows and the morning sun-light was coming through the windows. Much to my surprise, every time someone spoke the sunlight was exposing water droplets coming from their mouth, kind of like fire-flies. They were not coughing or sneezing, just talking. Knowing the above, there may be times when it is impossible to stay 6’ away from each other during conversations. If you are the speaker, try to turn your conversation away from the person you are speaking to. If you get caught as the listener less than 6’ away, hold your breath until you can turn or back away a safe distance. These measures may seem extreme or even silly, but these are extreme times. The sooner we practice measures to curve the spread of this virus the sooner we can get back to our normal socially connected world.

Thanks Tom, another enjoyable lunch gathering



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