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Used Garmin Zumo


Getting ready to do a 5000-6000mi trip!
Looking for a used moto GPS unit!
Have always used GPS on my phone, but trouble charging it when it's too hot or rainy.
On a budget and hoping someone out there wants to sell their working older Garmin Zumo device?
Will probably do this one if no one is selling at this time:

Thanks in advance!

Found this one on eBay.
Only $210
Good luck.

The Zumo 395 is a very functional and useful device. I have a couple of years old 395 and an even older 660. The 660 mostly stays on one of my bikes  use while the 395 gets swapped around between the others. They both work and are slightly different in functionality. On a long trip, I'd probably load both of them with my routes and carry one as the backup for the other.

I paid nearly double the amount you're looking at for a 395. Of course, there are newer and shinier models now. Oh honey, look how it glistens in the sun. Look away...look away. Look how big and bright the screen is. Look away...look away. Cover your eyes.

The 395 works well and will do pretty much everything we need for a GPS to do.

I'll keep using these two units and occasionally break out a old StreetPilot 2730 or even 2610 (which were state-of-the-art units in the early-mid 2000s). The problem with the old StreetPilots is that I can no longer load routes on them. My computers that had their versions of map sets have all died, and they SPs don't recalculate current routes on a different map set very well. Make sure you get lifetime map updates, and you'll always be able to load routes at our events and such that generally are set up on the latest version of map set. And it's nice having a map set that matches the roads most closely.

Look around. Here's a 396 with lifetime maps (with live traffic) for not a whole lot more money.



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