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--- Quote from: Yeeha Stephen on April 27, 2021, 12:09:47 PM --- :trink39:
"Technically" (as in a looong time ago) this is not my first event. I went to a couple of the HSTA River Run rides down in Big Bend back in the day. But this is a bigger to-do than those days.
Not shy, and I look forward to learning many new names so I can turn around and forget just a few minutes later.  ::)


--- End quote ---
STAR is our annual big event, people will come from far and wide. There will be more people, more things going on and its more of a half week (Sun-Wed) event vs. regional rallies that are mostly weekend events. More time to ride and socialize is a real plus.

As a new member I suggest you wear your name tag as often as possible, will make it easier for others who don't know you, especially that guy you talked to the day before who already forgot your name ;) There are not a lot of shy people in this group, I think its something about being a motorcyclist, it seems wherever we go strangers chat with us.

As Pat suggested, if you didn't already do it, register online. Then once you arrive you go to registration go get your packet including any items you ordered, your all important wrist band etc. Most people who show up on Saturday will be hanging out somewhere.

And, if you see someone with a Red badge under their name tag that says, "MSTA AMBASSADOR" they will always answer your questions.  They will help everyone, not just the newbies.

Check out the Dan Clark Safety Program on this forum.  This program is designed for our members when they purchase Safety Gear.

You can also read previous articles in the STAReview for more information.
Here’s the link to the Dan Clark Safety Program information...

See you soon.


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