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Eagles' Quest - Milford PA


October 14 through 17, Thursday till Sunday.
Please join us in the scenic NE corner of PA to revive this event that ran for several years – led by Doc Lane from Hampton NJ.


If you’re not from the area and thought that NY and NJ were nothing but urban sprawl – get your butt up here, and we’ll show you some wilderness, cliffs, and maybe some Bald Eagles. You won’t be in any city, but on a clear day, you can see NYC from the top of Perkins Memorial Drive. If you’re from the area, come on out and meet some other sport touring riders. Have dinner with us at the historic Dimmick Inn  & Steakhouse, in Milford, or perhaps the Carriage House in Barryville NY.

We have prepared several street routes, 100 to 250 miles. Routes will be available on printed maps and by gpx and REVER files. Destinations/overlooks/stops include Hawk’s Nest Highway, Woodstock (Bethel Woods), NY-6 through Harriman State Park. Perkins Memorial outlook, Storm King Mtn.
This event will be late in the year and this is short notice – but we really wanted to get it restarted!
The motel prices are a bit inflated because this is peak leaf season. Upside -  the rides will be extra colorful.

Scottish Inn Milford
274 Routes 6 &, 209, Milford, PA 18337
(570) 491-4414,

      Thurs      Fri & Sat $/night
2Doubles:   $109.99   $139.99   4 rooms reserved
King/Queen:     $95.99      $129.99   3 rooms reserved

Located next door to the Village Diner, 7AM to 8PM

Myer Country Motel, 3 miles from the Scottish Inn.
600 Routes 6 & 209, Milford PA 18337
(570) 296-7223,   
Thurs: $95, Fri & Sat: $145 <<< check
Highly rated, small family-owned facility with 19 bungalow units and an outside grill/hangout area.  We could not reserve rooms in early Sept, until/unless another group releases rooms from their event.

Rodeway Inn Milford I-84,  5.6 miles from the Scottish Inn.
240 Route 6 Milford, PA 18337
(570) 296-9444
Approx. $105/night but ask for the MSTA discount!

Chris Shoop, 304-488-9128 or or FB Messenger


Attendees: Please send the following info to


Email Addr:   
Staying Where?   
Cell Phone #:   
My cell # is (304) 488-9128
Let me know if you want copies of the routes in advance, and in which formats. I will send a copy of the waiver that is needed before I can share the routes.

Unless you will be riding with your own group, please describe your riding type and we will fit you into a similar group: Spirited, Speed Limit, or Leisurely.  I am an MSF instructor and tend to look out for people who are recently returned to riding.

Coms:     Sena   /   Cardo   /   Other   /   None

If you haven't made reservations yet, I would suggest that you do so A.S.A.P.! Our reserved rooms expire on Sept 19.

Dang when I saw this was hoping that Milford was in western or central PA, but see its on the far eastern part of the state. That's a long trek from Northeast Ohio, late in the year with cooler temps and changing weather. And just a couple weeks after the FCR event. Don't think I'll make it but sounds interesting and good work putting the event together. I enjoyed the riding I did thru northern PA and southern NY area on my way to STAR in Stratton VT.


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