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I typically ride alone but now have a zumo XT and would like to get turn by turn directions via a helmet communication system. There may be times when I might also want to listen to music while riding. For those with communication systems did you choose Cardo or Sena and did you go with the mesh system or bluetooth. It seems there are range and connection benefits with mesh that would justify the higher price tag. I don't anticipate the need to connect with 25 other riders, rather 3 or 4 max.

The vast majority of MSTA members seem to have Sena units.  If you’re goi g to want to have communications with people running a Sena unit, get the Sena.  On the other hand, the same is true for those running a Cardo unit.  I think that either brand has its pros and cons. Either way, get the mesh unit.  It makes connecting with others very very easy and simple.

Both brands have their advantages and frustrations. Mesh is worthwhile, even with just a few riders, for ease of connection, reliability, and range.

I use the Sena and have no comment on the Cardio system but I understand they are also good units.
If you go with a Sena I recommend a 30 or higher unit. -JEP-

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Both units have the same technology.  I’ve used Cardo units for years and am used to them.  As the posts indicate, find the one that fits your needs.  If you do plan to intercom with people, find out what the majority uses.  You can Bluetooth to the other brands but that doesn’t work as well.

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