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We do not have an "officially designated" camping area at the hotel or in the general area of the hotel, but there are several options for those wishing to camp. Trail of Tears State Park is located along the Mississippi River about 16 miles from the Drury Inn.  There are several RV Parks located in and around Cape Girardeau. A few websites worth checking out are:

I was out there a few years back and the Tail of Tears State Park is very nice. Also there are nice roads from the park to the hotel. -JEP-

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I gave some serious thoughts to camping at the Trail of Tears State Park the first time we were going to the area. But this time I'm wimping out and got a room (I'm sharing a room....does that count as hotel camping?).

Camping seemed to be the way to go when I headed down to the North Georgia Classic a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty fantastic. I'm also camping when I go up to Canaan Valley SP in a couple of weeks. I expect to see some incredible starry nights in WV just as I saw in a NFS campground in Georgia.

Possibly one of the reasons that we do a poor job of attracting younger members to our group is that we don’t do a good enough job of lining up camping accommodations at our events?  Staying in hotels all the time can create a financial barrier for many younger and less affluent riders who still have children at home and are starting out in their careers. Let’s strive to provide the opportunities and promote them as a lower cost way of getting involved in sport touring and the club.

Something to consider, don’t you think?

Well Carl, let me thank you for your service. That's NOT meant to be sarcastic. My brother was a Navy Corpsman in VN and it was no picnic. So you have my respect Sir. I wouldn't camp any more either. lol

Geoffrey, I hope the weather gods shine on you again at Canaan as they did at Helen. OH MY GOODNESS that was a beautiful weekend.

Patmo, I think you have a point. It may not be THE answer but it could help.  my .02  TM


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