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We need your old STAR T-SHIRTS!


The EC has contracted with a local artisan to make a quilt out of STAR T-shirts, and to auction off that quilt at STAR2023 in Knoxville. But we need your help to make this happen! We NEED any past STAR T-shirts that you might have and are willing to donate to the project.  And we need them by the end of November at the latest. So please send us what you’ve got and are willing to part with as soon as you can. The artisan is donating their time and labor and only charging us for the materials they use.  Thanks in advance to everyone that donates!

You can send the shirts directly to me and I’ll get them to the artist.

Patrick Mogavero
737 Sandstone Ridge
Cold Spring, Ky 41076

I love this idea and definitely have some shirts that must have shrunk that I can donate. However is this really going to be an Auction? That implies the high bidder gets it. I believe that a raffle would bring more money for, I assume the club and would definitely involve more of the members!
Just my $.02 worth.

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We ride for MS on the MS River Road Run for the past 21 years and almost every year there is at least one quilt made from old MS RRR T-shirts. Last year, Denise made one using T-shirts and bandanas. It sold for over $400.00, with the money going to MS Society. If we remember correctly, about 15 years ago, a quilt went for over $700.00. And, Denise made that one also!
We have always used a live auction with a fellow rider that is very good at getting people to bid more than they were planning. His trick is when the bidding stalls, he offers a small item, such as a 6 pack of beer or a MS Hat. Then the bidding gets going again and the final bid is much more than a hat or beer would cost.
It takes a good auctioneer to get everyone excited.
Brick, maybe you can suggest a better supplier for T-shirts that don't shrink. Or, are you sure that they shrunk, or did you order the wrong size?? LOL


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