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Hello Fellow MSTA Members,

We have decided to give someone else the opportunity to be the Coordinators of the Dan Clark Safety Program. We have been the Coordinators for over 6 years and have enjoyed the opportunity to be the Coordinators for such a great program. We have met many great MSTA Members. As has been said many times, MSTA is the only club to have this type of program that provides for a partial reimbursement of safety apparel and safety courses. Of course, nobody would receive any reimbursement without the Dan Clark family having starting this program in the name of Dan Clark, and to help by funding it every year with a $500.00 donation.

We will gladly assist the new person with any help that they may want to make a good transition. We will forward all details and spread sheet information to the new Coordinator to assist them in the program.

The program is fairly easy, as far as a volunteer position. Members send their receipts to the Coordinator. When we receive the receipts, we look to verify that the person is a MSTA member, the item qualifies, put the date received on the envelope and put in a box. In December-January, we add the details to a spread sheet and by the end of January, when all receipts need to be received by us, we finalize the spread sheet.

To give you an idea of how many receipts that you may receive through out the year, in 2022 there are 27 members that sent in 43 receipts as of Dec. 7, 2022.

The spread sheet will show the amounts spent, the eligible amount so that it can be determined how much can be sent for each receipt, keeping in mind the amount that has been donated for the year. Then the spread sheet and details are forwarded to Kelly Ernst the MSTA Treasurer to send the money to the member.

If you would like to volunteer for the Dan Clark Safety Program Coordinator position, please let us know, or contact Pat Mogavero or Norm Kern.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you,
Carl & Denise Wieman
Dan Clark Safety Program Coordinators

Thank you Carl and Denise for your years as volunteers! I for one certainly appreciate what you have done for the MSTA!

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You guys are the best!!! for doing this all these years.  Thanks so much.   TM

Ah yes soon to be promoted to member status.

Thank you Carl and Denise!  You’ve done a great job with the program and I really appreciate all you efforts to keep it well organized and running smoothly, along with your efforts to publicize it to the members.

Now…can we find a volunteer to pick up the mantle?  What are YOU waiting for, an invitation? Well consider yourself invited!


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