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Can a Ducati beat some very fast cars?

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This is a link to the first video. Check out the second one too.


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That was amazing, especially since my friend Randy Pobst is not really a drag racer. He is more of a sports car racer with many championships going back to the 1980's including SCCA Solo competition, followed by sports cars in many different classes. And, he does not let the WINS go to his head like some racers.

At 8:02 they show stats for many cars including a '22 Mach 1 at #16. The '21 Mach 1 is faster and has 10 extra HP. In 2022 they cut the HP for emissions is what has been said.
We have a '21 Grabber Yellow Mach 1, 5.0L V-8, normal aspirated at 480HP, 6 speed man. And it will run on reg. gas. We drove to Charlotte Motor Speedway in May getting over 23mpg on the whole trip including Smokey MT driving and other fun things.

Think about the technology in the past 50 years...My first Mustang was a '71, 302 V-8, same as 5.0L, but only 210 HP and not as good of gas mileage as the 2021. Now, more than double the HP with better mileage, and still no turbo or super charger.

This put a silly grin on my face. The host has enough cheekiness to make this a LOT of fun.

With the cold and snow that we have had lately, this video does not look out of place. I never raced a cycle on snow or ice, but did race cars on lakes with ice....many years ago. As well as raced snowmobiles for several years. I have since changed my ways????
Check out this Honda with tire studs on the mountains.

Nothing more fun than taking an older stock liter bike and embarrassing someone driving a 100K+ "super" car in the stoplight-to-stoplight races.  (Unless it's taking a little 8-year-old 180 hp Mini Cooper and running away from folks on their bikes in the twistees.)

Reminds of a video that I saw some years back where someone (pro rider but I don't remember who) took a liter-bike (can't remember the brand) and compared it to several different racing cars in a lap of a racing circuit. (can't remember the track).  He gave all the cars a lead and still ended up beathing all of them.


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