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Hepco Becker Journey hard bags


Quality German made cases offered as optional on Buell, Moto Guzzi and others.  Very large at 42 liters each.  Used with a few scuffs.  Best offer plus shipping or I can bring to Star.

Just got a "new to me" bike...a Honda NC750X. It needs bags, but it has Shad brackets already on it. I suppose the previous owner kept the bags for another bike. Anyway...I've got $ invested now in a Shad top box and a mounting plate. I guess I'll just stay where I am with the Shad products.

Your H-B bags look quite functional.

The cases are highly functional, but larger than I like.  I purchased the smaller Hepco Junior bags, and the Journeys have been gathering dust. 

The bike in that picture looks like a Nighthawk 750 from the mid 90s. And yeah, the bags look HUGE in that picture. So if someone can focus on function rather than form, they'd work.


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