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Ok... We are leaving tomorrow, Sunday morning! There will be 5 of us from Western NC. We are riding to Taos then up through a bunch of Colorado then up to Rapid City! I'm ready NOW... Will I sleep tonight?
I love MC travel and after almost 40 years of traveling on a motorcycle I still get this way the night before!
You can see where we are by clicking on that link.
See you in Rapid City, SD!


Michael Snyder:
Have fun and see you there

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I'm the same way, Brick

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My plans for leaving Monday morning have gone a bit awry, but I hope to be out 'o here by Tuesday...we'll see. You can follow my progress from East Tennessee to Rapid City, on to Alaska, and back home here...

Looks like the first week or two will be pretty soggy...whose idea was it to camp all the way to Alaska in the rain? :-)

Safe journeys to you all! I will see you June 8 in Rapid City.


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