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Had a great 2 1/2 days ride back from Rapid City. Took all 2 lane roads and had perfect weather. Never got warmer than about 75 degrees and no rain. The new FJR averaged almost 49 MPG for the entire trip. Today the bike got a good washing and a oil change. Ready for the next adventure. Hope all well with everyone on their trip home. A great star.

I'd like to thank the officers and EC for putting on a great STAR! 

Both Debbie and I had a great time.  Having helped (only a tiny bit) when we had STAR in Marietta OH, I have firsthand knowledge of how much work is involved behind the scenes for months and months that is never apparent to attendees. 

Thanks to you all! 

I got home Monday evening. Left western NC on June 1st got home on the 16th. 5,936 miles. I got to St Louis on Friday and my rear tire, stock from Yamaha Bridgestone Battlewing was gone. It and the bike had 6,303 miles. Not good and those were touring miles. I have gotten over 11,000 on a Metzler Tourance on my old Tamaha Super Tenere. I will not be getting anyone Battlewings that's for sure! I got a Tourance rear installed at NoMar in St Louis AND I had called on my way in and because of St Louis traffic I was late. Steve and Sue at NoMar waited for me! Great people!
Today bike got a wash, new oil, filter and final drive oil changed. It's all set all broken in! Too cool!!


Hey, I have stock in Bridgestone so I wanted you to keep fitting BattleWings.   ;)

Sorry Tosh... Not impressed with BW's...



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