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Motocamping with a Guy I Met on the Internet



You ever just set out on a motocamping trip with somebody you never met before? I have! It worked out pretty good. Check it out.


Nice report.  It works out most times especially with motorcyclist.  We tend to be a friendly easy going bunch. There are exceptions of course. Two of my best riding buddie's ever I met on advrider.

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My $.02 worth...It's a lot easier to adjust to another person for a single night than it is on a long trip. It's pretty easy to adjust to someone's quirks for a single night. But if you're sharing a month or more together on a long trip, I think you'd want to know a little more about each other's traveling style.

I've had both good and less good experiences with folks I didn't know prior to leaving on a trip. Every single one of them was a fine fellow. However, our traveling styles didn't always mesh well.


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