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Please welcome new advertiser, Alpine Inn.

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--- Quote from: DirtFlier on October 23, 2014, 08:48:33 AM ---Wow...they advertise "Free Sunrise" which is rare these days!   ;)

--- End quote ---
How generous of them, I've been charged up to $5 for those before ;)

Does look like a nice place, not a lot of rooms suitable for 2 gets that are not a couple, but fantastic views and all that.

Welcome to the MSTA! this is a great place!
The Alpine Inn is located just down NC226A from the Big Lynn Lodge which is the location for my BLL rally each July.

Bermuda Ron:
Guess we might take a little credit for that one.  Cindy and I stayed there for the Big Lynn rally.  We called on the Friday morning and were very fortunate to get a cute little room for both nights.  This place literally hangs off the cliff, and the main building has actually slid down the slope a bit.  Our room had side windows installed that were about 15 degrees shy of level to the sloping floor and we felt like we were sleeping in one of those 'mystery hill' tourist attractions - really fun!  Sue and Ron are great hosts, and we enjoyed the view and the hummingbirds with the wonderful healthy breakfast - which alone was worth the ride from AVL.  And Alpine Inn does indeed have the best mountain views of any lodging in that area.

Ron and Sue had not heard of MSTA and had no idea that the rally was taking place.  We told them all about our organization, and showed them our website and vendor section.  They do appreciate having motorcyclists, and the place was filled with BMW and Harley riders the nights we were there.  We will definitely stay there again!

Way to promote the club Ron.


--- Quote from: qman8 on October 23, 2014, 07:16:10 AM ---Nice.....Next TriSTAR headquarters?????? ???

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Hope not.  I'm kind of biased, I go to events for the riding.  Moving TriSTAR significantly changes available routes.  Alpine Inn covers the same area as Big Lynn.  Although Sparta is getting old, it is in a really good location.  Excellent routes radiate in all directions.


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