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Used 2-rail Kendon trailer

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I have a riding pal in town (Troy, OH) who is looking for a used Kendon, 2-rail trailer. 


--- Quote from: DirtFlier on May 01, 2015, 05:41:07 AM ---I have a riding pal in town who is looking for a used Kendon, 2-rail trailer.

--- End quote ---
Since I don't know your forum handle, it would be helpful if you would mention where in the country you are located....


Shasta McNasty:
I am also looking for a Kendon 2- or 3-rail trailer.  I am located in metro Detroit, MI but would travel up to 250 miles for the right trailer.  PM me if you've got something!  Thanks. 

I think this is a little pricey but it might be what you ar looking for in CMH Ohio.
Here is a second one that is a three rail.  Doesn't look like other Kendon trailers I've seen but the price is right.
imindlin@hotmail.com is his direct contact.

BTW - I did make contact with both parties and they are still available.  Good luck.

Phil Bolichowski:
I see one for sale in Windsor Canada for $2000 which is about $1,300 US dollars. I am sure there would be something to check with US customs and duty to pay. Link is below.


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