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Oh Hell... can this really be happening ?

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I sent a letter... I hope you do too!

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I also sent in a letter via the AMA website.  However, not to discount the seriousness of this, but a little checking into the matter led me to discover that this has been proposed in the past, but has never gotten to the point where it was actually voted on or acted on.  Still, I believe it's better to be proactive and not wait until it becomes law to become active, so I do encourage everyone to voice their opinion to their representatives.  The AMA link makes this a very easy thing to do.  Just follow the link that Brick provided.

The new ruling - if it becomes law - covers motorcycles with engine from 50 cc to 500 so it mainly covers scooters and the new, mid-size offerings from BMW and KTM, and of course almost all true off-road bikes from Europe.  Most of the 50 2-strokes scooters are really 48-49 cc so they'll slip under the size group. 

I've sent two letters.  One to my congressman, and the other to President Trump.  AMA sent me requests for both.

I have to wonder what domestic industry this is intended to protect. AFAIK there aren't any US-made alternatives in the 50-500cc category. Whay trade group is pushing this?


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