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I have the "Tapatalk" app on my cell phone that I use to link to this forum when away from my desk PC.
Recently I have had problems with the features on this app and now linking to the forum.
I use Tapatalk to link to several forums not just the MSTA group and I am having similar problems accessing those sites.
Anyone else that is using the Tapatalk app having issues? -JEP-

I have downloaded tapatalk 4 times over the last 24 months hoping it would get better. no such luck. Definitely the worst phone app I have tried and I have tried about 200. The first two versions it tried to sign me up to a bunch of forums I have no interest in and would not find ANY of the forums I use. Versions 3 and 4 finally found MSTA and COG but notifications were 3 or 4 days old (useless since I check daily with my PC) and trying to post never worked as easily as just using a phone browser (which is a PITA) I am certainly no smart phone wiz (who over 50 is?) but I do have several android apps that work great. IMHO tapatal suks!

I agree
I'm fairly new to mobile phones and I tried Tapatalk.
I couldn't get it to do what I wanted it to do so I got rid of it.

I have an Apple IPhone and Tapatalk has worked fine in the past but in the last month it has freaked out!
First the "delete all post" feature stopped working, then it started forgetting my selected forums causing me to log in every time.
Any suggestions for another app that will do what Tapatalk is supposed to do? -JEP-

Wow... it must suck to be you guys! My iPhone 6S has no problems with TapaTalk forums. I keep track of 4 different forums very easily with TapaTalk.

I'm not a wizard by any stretch of the imagination so my luck is strictly by shear blind ass luck!


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