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WOW! MC road rage in CA.

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Bermuda Ron:

Saw the video yesterday, this is very near where one of my brothers lives in the LA area. Pretty crazy stuff, nobody likes being run off the road but trying to kick at even a small car while driving (hemmed in by the concrete wall on the other side no less) is pretty dumb. Guy is lucky he was not killed. And since the motorcyclist kept going whiles others stopped to help not really a great image (IMHO) for us.

Yes, not only a poor image for the motorcycling community at large, but since he fled if found he might be charged with hit and run. That's pretty serious.  :(

The rider was responding to getting cut off by the driver whose car he kicked. That's no excuse for what he did. Road rage is road rage.  And once the rider had somehow avoided slamming into the Jersey barrier, he continued on. Bad choice. He'll be found and everyone involved with pay some price.

Tom S:
However, one cannot dismiss his defensive driving skills. :trink39:


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