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Update. As you can see the forum is back. Since the transition dragged out for a month I did a forum backup on October 4 so
posts and new members should be intact through the 4th. See my next post for more info.

We have upgraded/updated our web server hardware, at GoDaddy's recommendation. The current server (where you are reading this) is about 9 years old and out dated. The migration of content has completed and I am now testing the new site before we make the switch. What this means is all forum content posted since 9/5 will probably be lost.
I had intended to post this as soon as I got the completion notice but I was busy evacuating Key West.

So far testing indicates all website content is there but none of the links on the forum are working. I will call GoDaddy support in a minute and try to get that figured out. I will also do one last backup of the forum but there are no guarantees that will work. Please do not make any calendar entries or other informational posts until further notice unless you don't mind reposting later.

Bob, Thanks for all your work and I'm glad you are safe! Stay that way!

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Taking care of yourself and your family is far more important than this forum, so do what you need and stay safe!  Thinks for the information and the update, and for all you do!

Pat M

First, thanks for your concern. We are home now and safe. We just picked a bad time and place for a vacation. Rather than hijack my own post I will start another thread in the proper section about our adventure.

Update: Godaddy support can't help, they say this is a forum software configuration problem and after a little research I believe them.I am going to study the SMF documentation and read some threads on the SMF support forum discussing similar problems.

Bottom line the server swap will be delayed. We have some  time to figure this out and rest assured my first priority is to minimize any disruption of the forum and the user database.

Thanks very much for working on this, Bob. Also glad you are safe.


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