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street skills:
What is Street Skills LLC?

“Do one thing and do it well” is the Street Skills philosophy. What causes motorcyclists both fear and fun? Curves. These emotions intensify as the curves get sharper.  There are many excellent riding schools out there teaching a wide variety of skills and techniques.  However, my school specializes in cornering confidence. If you want to attack curves fearlessly, take my course or read my book Cornering Confidence on Amazon!

Who is Jon?

I’m a private motorcycling skills instructor specializing in advanced cornering techniques.See full bio HERE.

The Online Course

MSTA members receive a 20% discount off the price of this course ($49.99 regular price. Savings of $10) Use code at checkout. (members only can get code in Member Access Only Forum)

The First Advanced Cornering Online Course Now Available

Pretty much everything is available online today. And if it isn’t, the next question becomes “why not?” Now motorcyclists can take Street Skills’ Cornering Confidence course online!  This self-paced and interactive program is based on riding coach Jon DelVecchio’s book and proven curriculum.

“It's definitely a different way of learning and perhaps ahead of its time, but people go to the internet for everything these days,” said Jon. “YouTube is on fire right now with motorcycling skills and tips channels. The MSF’s first basic classroom session is now an e-course. I think this method is something that will catch on and people will really appreciate.”

Why pay for something free on the web?  Unfortunately, the overwhelming sea of free information makes it harder to have a coherent experience. The goal of Jon’s course is to transform riders from aspiring sport riders to total cornering experts.

Sure, some people may be skeptical of learning to ride a motorcycle better through a website. However, Jon understands that feedback, personal interaction and results are essential to a successful online learning experience. He chose the leading course hosting platform so the student experience is second to none.

Live and face-to-face interaction may be difficult, but is available in various forms. Students have rich interaction with Jon in a variety of ways and for as long as they choose after completing the lessons. The course is available to students for life. Tuition price is only $49.99 during the introductory period.
The first two chapters are free. What have you got to lose by checking it out? Enroll at CorneringConfidence.com today!


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Visit the Street Skills website (streetskills.net) to learn more about the school. Lots of social media choices available to follow.

Contact Jon with any questions or comments.

street skills:

Street Skills Newsletter  - October 28, 2017 - http://mailchi.mp/4fb56a080688/street-skills-newsletter-0ct2017

street skills:
Street Skills Newsletter  - November 28, 2017 - http://mailchi.mp/c77d0cbc18d4/street-skills-newsletter-nov2017

Very nice Jon!  Thanks for posting that up.

I'd like to post that on the website as well. Would that be ok?


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