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A quick peek at some STAR 18 routes

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Here are a few of the routes put together by Ray Kang. There are more in the current issue of STAReview.

Awesome Routes.  Thanks to all those who contributed.   :clap:

Excellent stuff.

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So, just some maps and not any actual routed directions?

The turn-by-turns will be posted in May, after each state DOT is called and asked about possible construction on the designed routes in June. 
The routes on the link were  routes that did not make it in issue 3701, but will be in 3702.  There are over 20 routes designed for this year.  Street and Adventure routes that varies from 50 miles to over 300 miles in length.  Of course, you can always alter any of these routes to your own design, or ask at Registration and we will help you.


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