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Cancels at the Radisson


I will post cancels here for folks that have a Radisson reservation and will be cancelling those reservations.
If you need one, you can coordinate with these people, but you need to do it quickly - post here if you get one of these rooms.
Michael Wade - already connect him to Tom McKiernan - but have not heard if that transpired - contact: m  mailto:lmw_89@sbcglobal.nettGary Kozlowski - cancelled at 5/29 12:30 PM MT - will wait 2 days to cancel - then will cancel, contact him at Will post others as they come in.

Harry, I have not heard back from Micheal yet so I'm gonna pass on the Raddison. I'll keep my reservation at Home2. However I would need a suggestion for Saturday night.  I'm not firmed up on plans (planning ahead is so over rated anyway, lol) I'll be leaving on Friday and wandering til Saturday night. Thanks, TM

Tom I just checked the La Crosse Econo Lodge via the web and they have a room for 70.00 on Saturday the 9th.
You should get an MSTA discount since they are part of the Choice Hotels system.
Not far from the Radisson.


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